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The Traditional Winter Pork Feast of Wulong

Many folk customs in the southwestern mountains have been spreading for thousands of years.

snow 3 °C

In the southwest of China, women devote themselves to fattening pigs after every autumn harvest. Every day they bring back the potatoes and artichokes from the fields. They wash and dry the pig food, chop it into pieces, cook it in a pot, and pour a large scoop of cornmeal into the pot to mix evenly. Then they pour the food into the pig trough.
At the end of November, people will slaughter the fattened pigs and prepare for the pork feast.
Before each household slaughters the pigs, neighbors will discuss when they’ll do it in case other families are planning it on the same day. After the time is agreed upon, the butcher will be called and the invitations to the pork feast will be officially sent out.
Many households even hold a family meeting to list the names of friends and acquaintances for the feast, and then they’ll call to invite them.
The butchers are the most respected and busiest people in the village. They are wrapped in a thick layer of grease all day long, running from house to house. 
Many of them have been training for this since childhood. They have slaughtered thousands of pigs, so they’re very skilled.
When the pork feast starts, people will sit around the table. Customarily, the central room is for the elders and important guests, while the others can sit at the aisle table under the eaves or in the courtyard.
The main course of the feast is generally eight dishes: fried pork with pickled pepper, fried pork with pickled radish, stewed fat intestine with soy beans, pork chops and vermicelli soup, stewed pork bone with white turnip, boiled blood with vegetables, stir-fried pork liver with pickled pepper, and spicy fried kidney.
When the guests are seated, the host will have a few opening remarks to thank God for sending a year of good weather and thank the relatives and friends for their care and support during the year. After that, the host will give a toast to everyone, first at the elderseryonee and then the other guests as well.
The neighbors who want to butcher their pigs for the feast the next day will announce their schedule and invite all the guests present. They would like everyone to come, of course.
The pork feast has been passed down through generations since ancient times. It is a Wulong tradition every winter and something that the locals look forward to and take tremendous pride in.

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The First Snow Scene in Fairy Mountain

Fairy Mountain Scenic Area ushered in the first rime wonder of the year.

snow -1 °C

Fairy Mountain Scenic Area ushered in the first rime wonder of the year. The white ice flowers on the trees along the highway are like the silver flowers. Driving on the road, as if drive into the picturesque fairy tale world.Rime is commonly known as tree hanging. It is a milky white ice crystal deposit that is directly condensed by water vapor in the air at low temperature. It’s a very rare natural wonders.
Fairy Mountain Prairie is known as Eastern Switzerland. The endless forest and grassland constitute the first ranch in the southern country. In summer, there are very beautiful,travelers can ride horse here. In winter, it is snowy and becomes a natural ski resort.At the beginning of December, there was already a rime view on the Fairy Mountain. The temperature dropped, and thick ice hung on the branches. The road was white and there is a little northeast feeling.
The snow on the ground was frozen. Many people rented snowboards and rushed down the hill from a high speed. The starting point is the same, and then it slides further and farther. For the rare snowy south, Fairy Mountain is a snow paradise for people!
The white snow, I really want to take a bite. The cabins in Santa Claus Village are beautifully photographed, and the green of cedar is lined under the white snow. The whole world is quiet. Commuter traffic is a small train with several stops that can get on and off at any time.
The air after snow is exceptionally fresh. Maybe a cold is cured here. The rhythm of stop-and-go vacations is very comfortable. The flower magpie in the snow, the black goat, and the pony in the racetrack are all happy I have forgotten my busy life.

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Take the Train to Fairy Mountain

The Fairy Mountain mini train brings you to an oriental paradise

sunny 10 °C

Natural limestone bridges, a massive sinkhole, and a karst landscape. These are some of the things seen in the movie Transformers: Age of Extinction. They can also be found in the mountains of Wulong, where the film was shot.
Fairy Mountain National Forest Park became a national 5A scenic area in 2015. The average altitude is 1900 meters, the mountaintop altitude is 2033 meters, and the average temperature is less than 25 degrees.
Fairy Mountain is an area of more than 330,000 acres, including more than 110,000 acres in the park. Relative to the hot weather in Chongqing, the lush greenery and cool temperatures are two reasons it’s popular with tourists in the summertime.
You can get to the mountain by train or by car, but I suggest you take the train so you can see the amazing landscape along the way. As you pass through the mountains and forests, you might think you’re in Europe. This is one reason why Fairy Mountain is also known as the “Oriental Switzerland”.
In the process of taking the small train, you can see horses, flocks of sheep and white-necked crows grazing on the grasslands. As crows only live in areas with the highest quality air, their presence exemplifies the fact that the environment around Fairy Mountain is of terrific quality.
The straight road divides the landscape as it cuts through the grassland and the forest. When you’re driving along this road, you can’t help but think how nice the scenery is, how crisp the air is, and how relaxing the whole experience is.
As you begin your journey out of the mountains, the food vendors you’ll encounter make the streets lively and bustling. The food is very simple, but it has the characteristics of the grassland people. If you have a chance to visit, I suggest you try some local foods before you go. You won’t regret it.
Throughout the year, Fairy Mountain has different types of beautiful scenery and diverse outdoor activities. You can slide on the grass in the summer and ski on the snow in the winter. This is why Fairy Mountain has the reputation of being a “Mountain City Summer Palace”. When you’re here, reveling in all that Wulong and the mountains have to offer, you’ll be able to blend into this forest full of fairy spirits.

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Chongqing Global Travel Agence Conference Held in Wulong2019

Travellers from the world came to Wulong to feel the beautiful scenery of nature

sunny 11 °C

"Fairy Mountain Prairie" and "Three Natural Bridges" - Wulong's beautiful natural scenery and magnificent natural relics make travellers from all over the world stunned and praised.
On November 11th, I followed more than 100 travel agents from all over the world to Wulong, Chongqing, to appreciate the vast beauty and magical nature.
Fairy Mountain National Forest Park is one of the top ten tourist attractions in Chongqing. It is a special tourist attraction. It belongs to Wuling Mountain Range and is located on the north bank of Wujiang River in Wulong District of Chongqing City. The forest of 330,000 acres and the prairie of 100,000 acres constitute a natural giant "oxygen bar". When the travellers got off the bus, they were attracted by the scenery in front of them and took a group photo. Everyone said that the scenery here is so beautiful!
In the afternoon, travellers came to the Three Natural Bridges scenic spot. Three Natural Bridges is the largest and highest natural bridge group in the world. The landscape of the large-scale bridges and the awe-inspiring landscapes have made travellers amazed. From Tianlong Bridge to Tianfu Official Residence, the mountains, water, springs, gorges, peaks, waterfalls and other scenery in the scenic area have made many travel agents who came to Chongqing for the first time impressed and linger.
TOM SIMAK who from Australia told me that “In Three Natural Bridges, I feel its grandeur and beauty. The green color in here are exciting. Everything here is so beautiful and I am very happy to protect."

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Romantic and Poetic Furong River

Furong River is so beautiful that worth to experience~

sunny 18 °C

Furong river originates from Guizhou province,flows through Guizhou and Chongqing from south to north and flows to Wujiang river in Wulong county.The total length of Furong river is 231kilometers,and it is the largest tributary of Wujiang river.Furong river called Rushui river in ancient time,it changed it’s name into Furong river because of there are lots of Furong trees along the shore of the river.
The Chongqing section of Furong River is a national scenic spot with a river length of 35 kilometers. After the water storage in the reservoir area of Chongqing Jiangkou Power Station in 2003, the section of the river was raised by 100 meters, forming a beautiful “Gaoxia Pinghu” Scenic Area on both sides. It makes today’s Furong River more beautiful! The gorge of the Furong River is steep and majestic, and the original vegetation is densely planted on both sides. The spring waterfalls are high-hanging and flying, making the valley full of beautiful colors.It can be said that Furong water wins Jiuzhaigou,and the scenery does not lose the Daning River.

There are more than 400,000 people in Wulong County, Chongqing. The people living here are mainly Han people, and there are also a few Miao, Yi and Tujia minorities . Miao people are mainly distributed in the Furong River. In the late Ming and early Qing dynasties, the Miao people were chased as barbarians. One of them was nowhere to go, and they sneaked into it. They relying on hunting and fishing, and struggled for prosper. After the power station was filled with water, the government moved the village’s people to a good town, but there were still some elderly people who refused to leave this piece of homeland. So the Pangu Miao Village, which has only seven or eight households was retained. They are far away from the hustle and bustle of modern cities, living a simple modern life.
Nowadays,Furong River scenic spot is famous in Chongqing,there are thrilling cable cars here. Travelers can visit the most beautiful scenery in here and go back with a boat to experience the gorgeous of the Wujiang River.In the 35-kilometer Furong River Grand Canyon, the water and forests here is green and fantasy, the clouds in the canyon are half-covered and mixed, just like a paradise!

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